If you would like information about meeting or adopting one of our dogs, please complete the non committal Adoption Application.(home page menu). Your Application will be sent to the foster parent and they will contact you about the dog you are interested in.

Please do not send in follow up inquiries about dogs that you have already filled out an application for. The foster will be in contact within 72 hours. 

If you are needing to surrender your dog, please fill out the Surrender Form. (home page menu)

If you would like to volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Application (under how to help on the home page)

If you would like to foster please fill out the Foster Application (under how to help on the home page)

If you have any donations, there are several ways to get them to us; we are at Sunset Hills PetSmart every Saturday from 10am-12pm, on our Wish List page we have several drop off locations listed, or if that is not doable, let us know in the form below and we can make arrangements for pick up.


Please donate so that we may continue our mission of helping rescue dogs.

Or send donations directly to:
Needy Paws Rescue
PO Box 252078
St. Louis, MO 63125

 If you have general questions about our rescue. Please use the contact us form below,  and it will be forwarded to the appropriate volunteer, for follow up. 

This is an administrative contact us form. Not for applications, surrenders, or dog inquiries.

Thank You,

Needy Paws Volunteer Staff.